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To Go Forth is a blog of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Department of Justice, Peace and Human Development (JPHD). The blog takes its inspiration from Pope Francis’ challenge to go forth to the “peripheries” to share the Good News and stand in solidarity with those suffering poverty and injustice.


Jesus awaits among the poor and humble. Get on your way!

Wreath22.jpgNovember 27, 2020

 This week, we enter the season of Advent, and with it, a new liturgical year.

Advent means “coming”; it is the time in which we prepare for the coming of Christ. We are waiting with expectation. Or at least, that is what the Church invites us to do. We see the color purple in the churches, the music at Mass is calm and we even stop singing the Gloria. But what attitudes do we show others that we are waiting?

At CRS, we recognize that Advent is a  time to open our hearts to Jesus through service and providing real help to those most in need. For this reason, the Advent Calendar and Oración con la Corona de Adviento highlight the global aspect of our human family, because, to truly welcome Christ, we must begin by welcoming, assisting, and accompanying our sisters and brothers.

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