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Art In Action! Youth Use Art To Fight Landmines

Inspired by Pslam 34:15, we created a student club that works to end the use of landmines and cluster bombs. In 1999, our art teacher gave students an assignment to create an art project which educates about a global issue.  Inspired by Psalm 34:15 (“Seek peace and pursue it.”) the students chose “landmines” and learned about how children—often the most vulnerable in society—are victims of landmines and cluster bombs. The students created a student group called PSALM: Proud Students Against Landmines and Cluster Bombs. Over 15 years later, students at our school are still working to educate other students and the larger community about the dangers of landmines and cluster bombs and prevent future casualties. We make posters, hold awareness days and do presentations in our school, community and state on this issue. We believe that our faith calls us to seek peace and to advocate on behalf of children who suffer around the world because of landmines.