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Catholic Charities empowers community leaders to advocate

We offer many services that meet the immediate needs of our community, and we also seek to empower our community through Unity Square, our community organizing and development initiative. We use a comprehensive approach that includes integral change and empowering the community to be the leaders and drivers of change. Catholic Charities is our organizational backbone, but the effort and work comes directly from the community. We have a core team of 50 neighborhood leaders who are directly affected by the issues at stake. Together we have succeeded in influencing legislation at the local level around immigration rights, housing, employment, and other important issues. We fought for an anti-wage theft law in our city which now safeguards worker’s rights and just payment by prohibiting the renewal of business licenses for corporations with pending wage claims. We also secured a local earned sick leave which guarantees a minimum number of sick days for all workers. We successfully advocated for a city I.D. program which allows our families and neighbors to access vital services without having to reveal their immigration status. With 85% of our community renting, we also work on tenants’ rights. At Unity Square, we empower our community to resolve the problems, whether big or small, that affect our own families and neighborhoods.