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Friendship With Visiting Priest Becomes A Parish-wide Cultural Embrace

When our parish befriended visiting priests from Ghana, we were motivated to start a project to understand and celebrate Ghanaian culture, as well as funding health care in Ghana. Our relationship with Ghana began when our parish community of Our Lord Christ the King befriended a visiting priest from Obuasi, Ghana. As our parishioners developed a relationship with him, they soon felt compelled to assist the Ghanaian people as well. Our Ghana Health Care Project donates money to help Ghanaian families access health care. We also began to appreciate Ghanaian culture. Our eyes were opened to the beauty of the universal church when we celebrated a Ghanaian cultural mass with petitions for the people of Ghana and a reception with Ghanaian food and music. Our embrace of the Ghanaian culture has helped us appreciate the diversity within our own parish and in the global Church.