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Impassioned Parishioners Lead Large-Scale Advocacy Efforts

We network with other faith communities to help people of faith to act on local, regional and national issues. We are inspired by our communal faith journey to use our voice in the public arena. At St. Joan of Arc Parish, we participate in a network of over 90 congregations in Minnesota, to pursue community organizing and issue advocacy, empowering people of faith to act on local, regional, and national issues that lie at the heart of building just and healthy communities. We send parish core team members to week long national advocacy trainings. They return and conduct legislative issue briefings and advocacy trainings at our parish. During Lent, we will make several visits to legislators at every level, including city councils, school boards, county commissioners, and state legislators. We feel so blessed to have such a powerful vehicle to organize and express our faith values to bring about economic and racial justice for all God’s children.