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Medical Mission Leaves A Lifelong Impact

Our parish medical mission helps us encounter the people of El Salvador and make lasting lifestyle changes when we return. Every year, members of Sacred Heart Catholic Church journey together on a 9 day mission to provide for medical, optical, and dental needs in Berlin, El Salvador. While one would think the first goal of our mission is medical, our primary aim is to encounter every person we meet and to share and receive the love of Christ. We return transformed by the experience and touched by our encounter with the reality of global poverty and the presence of Christ in each of the people we met, and in one another. The relationships and experiences have prompted us to make lifestyle changes upon our return. For example, our parish now buys and sells fair trade coffee because we know that fair trade products benefit workers who are paid a fair wage and their families and communities. Our encounter with the face of Christ in the people of El Salvador leaves a lasting impact on our lives.