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Parish Celebrates Diversity, Forms Leaders Of Many Ethnicities

We ensure that leadership of our parish mirrors the diversity of our community, and coordinate opportunities for everyone to pray, learn and act together. St. Katharine Drexel Parish is rich with cultural and ethnic diversity, largely because of a parish merger in 2001. Since then, our parish has worked tirelessly to forge one community united in Christ. Our parish and finance councils have a special nomination process so that the leadership of our parish mirrors the diversity in our community. We offer training for all of our parishioners to identify and prevent racism and the systematic ways it keeps people poor. Several dozen parishioners have participated in this training. Through our local CCHD-funded group, our parishioners also receive leadership training around organizing. Besides leadership and training, we coordinate many opportunities for our diverse parishioners to pray, learn and act together. We participate together in our social ministry and faith formation program, which teaches how social justice is grounded in our faith tradition. We also celebrate our unique cultures at social and liturgical events such as our intercultural fiestas where parishioners from over 12 countries share their native dishes and discuss needs and concerns as members of the parish. Finally, members of the Hispanic Legion of Mary at the parish lead important outreach efforts to help their fellow immigrants get driver’s licenses, make doctor’s appointments, get legal assistance, and feel welcomed into the community. Our experiences together witness to our unity as brothers and sisters in the family of God.