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Praying and Acting to Fight Racism and Division

As the nation faced unrest after the Ferguson and New York City court decisions, we held a candlelight vigil and mass to pray for peace, justice and an end to racism. Our students care about promoting unity by embracing cultural and ethnic diversity on our campus and in our nation. Following the national unrest after the court decisions in Ferguson, MO and New York City, The Black Students’ Alliance of The Catholic University of America led an effort, in partnership with Campus Ministry to hold a candlelight prayer vigil and Mass for peace and justice. Student leaders spoke about the need to fight racism and division on our campus and in our nation. We sang hymns and walked in silent procession across campus to honor the victims of violence. Our campus chapel was standing room only for our Mass in honor of the Immaculate Conception, patroness of our country. We were called to recognize the way our individual action or inaction contributes to or hinders peace and respect for human dignity in our communities. Our university continues to promote unity and cultural diversity through our language and cultural student organizations, Campus Ministry, and the Office of Campus Activities. OCA produces intercultural programming, multi-cultural leadership training, culture and justice discussions, an intercultural speaker series, and educational opportunities on developing critical consciousness to avoid cultural stereotypes and assumptions.