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Reaching Out To Protect Community Health And Care For Creation

We spent years building relationships with other faith communities, neighbors, and civil leaders, which helped us protect community health and the environment. In many communities, the practice of fracking contaminates air, water, and soil, with the most vulnerable people, including children and elderly persons, often affected the worst. Fracking involves injecting large quantities of water and chemicals deep into the ground in order to extract natural gas. Our parish, St. Margaret, in Homer,  NY, worked alongside other faith communities to seek a local moratorium on fracking. We worked together through Moving in Congregations Acting in Hope (MICAH), a faith-based community organization which receives funding from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. Over the course of two and a half years, we worked to build relationships, educate and organize residents in affected areas, and train volunteer leaders. We reached out to public officials and held rallies and actions. Our pastor spoke with decision makers about being responsible stewards of God’s creation. Our work ultimately led to a six-month moratorium on fracking in our town. This was followed by a ban on fracking across the state of New York, due in part to the work of MICAH and many others across the state concerned about how fracking can impact the lives and well-being of people.