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At Retreat, Teens See The Real Impact Of Fair Trade On Families

A weekend retreat can immerse high school students in service, solidarity, and learning about the real-life impacts of supporting fair trade. We offered a weekend retreat, "Just Like You: A Fair Trade Leadership Retreat," to immerse high school teens at Prince of Peace Catholic Church in Ormond Beach, FL, in the long tradition of Catholic social teaching, and to introduce them to many saints, blesseds, and holy men and women who have lived those principles, especially Dorothy Day. After putting in a hard day’s work with some hands-on service at a local farm, we also visited a CRS ethical trade coffee roaster partner to learn about fair trade and how buying fair trade products helps support farmers and their families who do--all day and every day--the type of back-breaking work we experienced earlier in the weekend. We were able to create a real sense of solidarity with people living in poverty in other countries, and offer tangible, real-world ideas for supporting economic justice in our everyday lives.