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Rural Parishes Educate And Serve Together

After our parishes became a region, we worked to educate and involve parishioners in social justice, service and relief. After our parishes, located in a rural area of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, became a "region" (similar to a cluster), we decided to build community and learn, share and grow together by forming the Petersburg Parishes' Social Justice Commission. Recognizing the unique gifts that each of our parishes bring, we invited people from all the parishes to join the commission, which has been developing over the ensuing years. Our activities and projects have been many! For example, we have a Justice Corner in our weekly bulletins and monthly newsletters and a yearly 4-page insert with opportunities for parishioners to involve themselves in social justice. To educate, we host speakers on the themes of Catholic social teaching and formation opportunities. To give back, we contribute to global relief efforts such as CRS Rice Bowl and our new inter-parish fund which benefits a CRS project to construct and stock fish ponds in the developing world. To serve, we organize various community initiatives such as knitting/crocheting prayer squares for local hospitals, making dresses and shorts for children in the developing world, and hosting campaigns for local food banks. Together, we are united in faith and in our desire to make a difference in our communities and in our world.