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Sant' Egidio Helps Children Become Socially And Globally Aware

Our Community of Sant' Egidio in Boston runs a children's afterschool program which organizes educational activities aimed at overcoming social barriers and pursuing peace. Where we live, the challenges of immigrant families can be many, and the environment the children grow up in can often be blind to their needs. To respond to this, we created a School of Peace, a free, after-school program that serves mainly Hispanic children in grades K-8. Our community gives them the academic and personal support they need, and the educational activities we organize with the children encourage in them a more socially conscious and globally aware thinking, and a greater awareness of peace.  Worldwide, the Community of Sant’ Egidio runs many Schools of Peace. The schools help families in their efforts to raise their children and propose an educational model open to people of all kinds, promoting solidarity with the less fortunate and enabling children to overcome social barriers and discrimination.