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Social Justice Pilgrimages Help Students Live Call To Faith, Peace And Justice

Our students participate in social justice pilgrimages focusing on civil rights in the U.S. South, immigration on the border, and the conflict in the Holy Land. The students pray, reflect and learn before, during and after the pilgrimages. We believe that God is calling each and every one of our students at Lewis University to be an instrument of faith, peace, and justice in this world. To help them realize this call, we host social justice pilgrimages focusing on three different issues: civil rights in the U.S. South, immigration at the U.S-Mexico Border, and the Israel-Palestine conflict in the Holy Land. Before each trip we offer a course which prepares them for the experience. In class, students pray together, go over the details of the trip, reflect on their spiritual journey, learn about the history of relevant social justice issues, and talk about how those issues are currently affecting our world today. When they return from the trips, students share their experiences with other students, faculty, and staff through stories and reflections. This year, Campus Ministry and the History Department are coordinating a week-long Civil Rights Pilgrimage which travels to over 15 famous civil-rights related sites, including the National Civil Rights Museum, in Memphis, TN and the Birmingham jail, in Birmingham, AL. We hope to show students that this amazing movement in American history was inspired by an unwavering faith in God and that they too have the power to be stewards for peace and justice in the world.