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Students Form Relationships To Humanize Justice Issues; Learn About Charity And Justice

Our international and domestic spring break trips emphasize prayer, learning and the need for both charity and justice. At the University Parish Newman Center at Kent State, our students participate in international and domestic alternative spring break trips that help us discover the need for both charity and justice. During the weeks before our trips, we have six biweekly preparatory meetings. During these gatherings, we discuss the history, culture, and current events of our destination. We also pray together, reflect on the life and writing of Archbishop Oscar Romero, and explore the seven themes of Catholic social teaching. On the trip, we learn the importance of direct service as well as the call to address reasons why people are in need. We realize the need to build relationships that humanize otherwise intangible issues. Putting a face and a name to an issue such as situational or structural poverty allows us to not only understand that person’s struggles, but also gives us a better understanding of the issues as a whole and how to respond as people of faith.