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Students help parents advocate for rights of incarcerated children

At Loyola University of New Orleans, we engage students in hands-on experience of social change and community empowerment by working with Families and Friends of Louisiana’s Incarcerated Children (FFLIC), an organization that receives funding from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. FFLIC helps parents of children incarcerated in the juvenile justice system to raise their voices to advocate for the rights of their children, and to reform the practices and culture in juvenile facilities so that they can better emphasize rehabilitation. Students join FFLIC members in collective action seeking to reform the system. Students also volunteered 842 hours of service as a part of a capstone course on Public Relations and Advertising. The ten students enrolled in this course produced a comprehensive strategic communications plan for FFLIC.  Students were able to use the skills they learned in class to help meet the needs of those in their community. Incorporating work for justice into courses is one way that our university lives our Catholic identity, which includes helping address issues that impact the local community.