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Students Lead Social Action Days, Learning And Advocacy

Our students plan and lead social justice assemblies, brown-bag lunches, and Congressional advocacy. We work to empower our students to be passionate leaders with life-long commitments to service and justice. Here at Stone Ridge High School, students lead our Social Action program on every level. Our Social Action Student Advisory Board of thirty-five students prepares and directs bi-weekly Social Action Days, which include an assembly on social justice, service by the entire student body, and reflection and consciousness-raising activities. Students plan and organize quarterly awareness-raising brown bag discussions about compelling current issues, such as racial justice and religious extremism. Students gain leadership skills through these experiences and have even started their own initiatives. For example, students have planned and led all-school assemblies on social justice topics such as domestic violence and the kidnapping of the Nigerian schoolgirls. Our students are eager to speak truth to power and have reached out to Congress in both letter writing campaigns and phone-banking for causes such as disability legislation and peaceful foreign policy. Students also formed a Pax Christi club that lobbied Congress on immigration reform and participated in a national rally for justice.