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Training Future Priests To Be Witnesses Of Christ's Justice

Our seminary has a social justice committee and an annual social justice theme, and works to form priests for mission in a variety of ways. Our seminary helps our seminarians become leaders who work for social justice. With the help of spiritual and other resources of the Sulpician order, which runs Theological College, our seminarians created their own student-led Social Justice Committee (SJC). The SJC meets once a month to discuss the social justice issues of concern to the seminarians and to plan events and action to address those concerns. Each semester, we also bring in a speaker to inform our seminarians about current social injustices and call them to action. Additionally, each school year, we have a social justice theme for the seminary. One recent year, the theme was "Intercultural Communion and Immigration" and we sent two seminarians to a Mass on the U.S.-Mexico border to pray for greater compassion and hospitality in our country, and for immigration reform. The seminarians had the opportunity to encounter and walk with people on both sides of the border who have experienced suffering because of our broken immigration system. When they returned, they shared their experience with the whole Theological College community so that we could take part in the experience of solidarity as well. Our seminarians participate in a variety of other activities for human life and dignity. For example, seminarians participate each year in the National Vigil for Life and the March for Life. Theological College strives to form priests who will preach and witness to the Christ’s call to care for the most vulnerable.