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Uniting Catholics for life and dignity advocacy

In the Diocese of Orlando, we help Catholics unite around our common concern for the life and dignity of every human person.  We create opportunities to stand with one united voice. Each year, our Office of Advocay and Justice partners with the diocesan Council of Catholic Women and St. Vincent de Paul for Catholic Days at the Capitol, where busloads of Catholics advocate on a variety of issues, from the sacredness of life to support for immigrants and persons in poverty. The death penalty; health care for low-income persons and for immigrant children; conscience protections for adoption agencies; and funding for voluntary pre-kindergarten, are just some of the shared issues our pro-life and social justice groups have advocated for in this event. We have a weekly radio show, Live Out Loud, which brings together life issues, Catholic social teaching, economics and more. Our annual Advocacy and Justice conference highlights a variety of pro-life and social justice concerns, such as disabilities, the death penalty, abortion, adoption, and trafficking. Finally, we have an annual Youth for Life Rally which has focused on a variety of topics, including Pope Francis’ encyclical, Laudato Si’, on care for the poor, the unborn, and the earth, our common home. Through our efforts, we hope to model a united Church with a united voice!