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Yakima Seminarians Take On "The Smell Of Their Sheep"

Our seminarians learn to take on "the smell of the sheep" through a ministry to accompany migrant workers in the fields. In the Diocese of Yakima in Central Washington, we respond to Pope Francis' call to take on "the smell of the sheep" through a special ministry with migrant workers. Throughout the season when migrants are laboring in the fields, our seminarians accompany them, working beside them in the fields six days a week and nine to ten hours a day, earning money for their own living expenses. On Sundays, they celebrate Mass with them. Not only does this provide seminarians an opportunity to live and experience daily life with those whom they will one day serve, it also has a deep impact on the seminarians as they experience the migrants’ deep faith, learn about their way of life and the challenges they face, and expand their sense of the community of the Body of Christ.