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Young Adult Group Creates Space For Dialogue, Unity And Peace

Our cultural nights help foster unity in diversity. We share food, music, art, and customs and engage in discussion prompted by a movie about or from a specific culture. Our young adult group has worked to create a space for dialogue, unity and peace by holding cultural nights at our Focolare Center in Chicago.  We have celebrated five cultural nights so far:Chinese New Year, Italian Night, African Night, South American Night and Middle East Night.  At each night, we invite participants from diverse backgrounds to gather to share food, music, art and customs from a specific culture. We watch a film together (for example, we watched Life is Beautiful for Italian Night, Mandela for African Night, and Captain Abu Raed for Middle East Night) and then discuss it together.  We have found that coming together to share our traditions and engage in one-on-one and small group conversations has helped us to grow in awareness, understanding, solidarity, and friendship. We believe that this experience of encounter will provide a strong foundation for future work for peace together.