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Youth Put Faith In Action Through Global Solidarity

Our bilingual youth event included prayer and activities to help youth reflect on the challenges for people their age in other parts of the world. We coordinated a bilingual “Live Faith”/”Viva la Fe” event for 275 middle school students in the Archdiocese of San Antonio. We used activities from Catholic Relief Services to challenge the youth to grow in their awareness of life and challenges for middle school youth in other parts of the world. One activity allowed for quiet reflection and response; another was a giant global solidarity board game; another allowed youth to progress through decision making that led to hypothetical life outcomes; and the most popular session focused on the difficulty many global populations have in obtaining water for family life. Lunch was also a learning activity in which students were assigned one of three lunch menus based on ratios of people in poverty worldwide. In response to a challenging talk by Archbishop García-Siller, parish youth groups then worked to plan future activities for action. The day ended with adoration and prayer.